KIAN Realty NYC - Masumi Hayakawa & Hiroaki Oe Team

Who are we & what is our focus/specialty?
We are licensed real estate salespersons in the State of New York. We mainly help tenants renting an apartment and buyers purchasing a co-op or condominium in New York City. Our coverage is Manhattan and adjacent areas in Brooklyn and Queens.

Why do you use agents?
Real estate market in NYC is fast-paced and sometimes complicated and tricky. We can save substantial time and efforts of yours. We’ll make sure that your transaction goes smoothly in every aspect – from researching to screening, to negotiating and to finalizing. It is better to have your agent who represents ONLY you, rather than having no or dual agent, who works for both sides - tenant/owner or buyer/seller.

How much does it cost?
For rental, most of our tenant clients pay NOTHING to us. There are many NO FEE apartments that we can show you without incurring any fee since owners cover brokers’ fee or tenant agents’ costs. In case owners don’t pay us, we’d charge you broker’s fee equivalent to ONE MONTH’s RENT.

For purchase, buyers pay NOTHING as sellers cover all the broker’s fee - typically 5-6% of sales price, which is equally split between seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. Some of seller’s agents try to be your agent as well since dual agents can take the full commission of 5-6% without splitting. In many countries and states, dual agents (theoretically work for both parties) are prohibited because of the conflicts and risks in such real estate transactions.

Can’t you just use Zillow or StreetEasy?
Those sites can be good starting points for you to look around areas and prices. Meanwhile, did you know StreetEasy and Trulia are owned by Zillow? Zillow Group is trying to dominate the market and now buying houses to flip in certain areas (not in NYC yet, as far as we know). Many owners and brokers no longer use Zillow / StreetEasy. Therefore, renters and buyers have less and less access to information about available units nowadays. Use brokers for more and real-time listing information - we use several databases.

Some of you might have realized that real estate agents/brokers are advertising properties on those sites, but they don’t represent owners/sellers. They are just paying for the spaces next to specific properties without owner’s permission, and this practice has been quite controversial. Many consumers cannot figure out who is working on whose behalf. Before signing any contract, ask the agent about it. S/he is obligated to explain it to you clearly.

Why do you use KIAN Hayakawa & Oe Team?
Don’t waste your time and energy by calling numerous brokers - listing information is not always accurate and even totally false by intent. You have more important things to focus - family, friends, work, and hobbies. We’ll try to minimize your stress and concerns in finding your new apartment in NYC, especially if you are moving from another state or country.

Please send us your wish list with marked must-have items for your next home. Also let us know your budget, target move-in date, if you have pets, and if you smoke. We’ll send you information of a few units that are likely to meet your needs. If you like any of them, you can see it in person or video chat with us. You can apply for the apartment online or remotely.

Did you know airbnb is illegal in New York?
Many people ask us if they can rent an apartment for a short time - days to months. However, the minimum stay at an apartment here is 30 days under New York State laws. (Sharing a room, not an entire apartment, is an exception). While some apartment buildings have furnished units for a minimum of 30 days, the majority requires an annual lease contract in NYC.

We can find you a short-term furnished rental as a temporary housing, if you are moving to NYC and use our brokerage service for your apartment (minimum one year). For those who plan to live here only for a few months, we can also help you, but most of the times it incurs a broker fee, since owners usually don’t cover such fee for a lease less than a year.

Our Listings of Rental Properties

View our rental listings at Kian Realty’s Website. These are only examples of what we can offer. We will search no-fee apartments for you using a real-time database and help you find your ideal apartment swiftly.

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